Creating Sustainable Concrete Slabs with Reactive Co-Polymerizing Solids (RCS).


The concrete industry is full of questions and at times even confusion. An endless number of products, chemicals, equipment and finishes can be overwhelming. Here at Specification Products we've used the sealers, the guards, the cures and the moisture mitigation systems. Our team has a combined experience of over 100 years in-the-field. We've seen the failures and the pit-falls that meet us daily on job sites.  

Once our team experienced the difference in RCS Concrete it was impossible to go back to traditional curing and sealing methods.


We specialize in Reactive Co-Polymerzing Solids (RCS) systems for both new concrete slabs and retro-fit concrete slab systems. RCS technology is engineered to provide concrete with superior hardness and increased mechanical wear durability for demanding construction projects. RCS technology is unique in its ability to enhance the integrity of air-entrained and non air-entrained concrete.

 Local material suppliers and licensed concrete contractors play a key role in successful implementation of our systems. We work with national concrete associations to create sustainable systems while partnering with local material suppliers to create a duplicatable chain of fulfillment.

ElementFive concrete slab systems offer sustainable RCS products for the construction industry, designed to create firm foundations on the job-site. 


The ElementFive Concrete Slab System provides the construction and specification industries with one sustainable choice from placement to polishing and finally maintaining the slab over it's lifetime.

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Ensure your project's successful delivery with the ElementFive Concrete Slab System.


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