Maximize your exterior slab performance while improving the sustainability and finish of the concrete surface.

E5Shield is an environmentally friendly densifier that deeply penetrates and chemically reacts with concrete to create a dust-proof surface that is harder, denser and exceptionally resistant to the damaging effects of water and salt with up to 91% chloride prevention. 

Specially engineered to enhance the natural beauty of polished, dyed & polished concrete, E5Shield provides a deeper and richer appearance to finished surfaces. A clear, odorless solution, E5Shield does not require rinsing and removal, saving considerable time and money while eliminating hazardous waste disposal issues significantly reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

E5Shield is formulated for use in manufacturing & light assembly plants, warehouse/distribution centers, food service operations, parking decks, garages, airports, hospitals and any other areas where concrete surfaces require protection from water, salt, oils and dust.

Download E5Shield Tech Data Sheet Here

E5Shield combines the properties of a densifier with the protection of a silane. Ultimately, the substrate will stain less and wear longer, reducing maintenance frequency and extending the life of treated concrete and masonry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Repels water and oil while providing 91% chloride prevention
  • Darkens and enhances beauty of natural concrete color
  • Increase hardness and density while reducing porosity
  • Requires no rinsing & disposal; will not gel on surface
  • Resistance to efflorescence and fungi/mildew growth
  • Stands up to heavy abrasion and foot traffic while providing excellent slip resistance.
  • Superior chloride intrusion prevention
  • Breathable surface
  • Will not yellow
  • Decreases black tire marking from lift trucks and equipment
  • Resistant to most deicers
  • Prevents scaling of concrete

What are ideal applications for ElementFive?

Ideal applications include infrastructure projects including bridges, highways, dams and spillways. Commercial applications include retail showrooms, airports, museums, institutional facilities such as hospitals and government buildings. It is recommended for use in applications that require a highly sustainable surface with maximum hardness, durability and protection.

Is E5Shield safe for the environment?


E5Shield is a responsible alternative for professionals concerned about the environmental impact of densifiers and other concrete treatments. Unlike many traditional products, E5Shield is compliant with all state VOC standards and contains no sodium or potassium which can contribute to Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR). ElementFive products are environmentally conscience solutions. Complete your slab knowing our neutral ph products pose no risk to crew members or the environment. A benefit on jobs with LEED requirements.