The first and only internal curing admix to retain 95% relative humidity in every concrete slab for months on end.

Primary applications for all interior and exterior flatwork concrete includes: Exterior Pavement, Parking Garages, Structural Walls, Columns, Footings / Mass Footings, Infrastructure, Interior slab on grade and slab on metal decks.

The E5 Internal Cure eliminates wet curing, curing compounds, sealers, hardeners and densifiers. It also increases finishability and workability. Low humidity, high winds, direct sunlight will not affect the surface from drying or cause differential drying.

Without the use of pre-wetted lightweight aggregate, the E5 Internal Cure reduces drying shrinkage, curling and volume loss cracking.

Exceeds ASTM D7234 Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Adhesion Strength only 9 days after poured slabs. Perm tests after 9 days resulted in percentages as low as 4.7-4.8% relative humidity.

Download the E5 Internal Cure Tech Sheet here