Risk is the Problem.

  • We place concrete on any given day.

  • Conditions can help us one day and kill us the next.

  • We cut too many joints at great expense.

  • We spend hours and fortunes dealing with cracks we cannot control.

What if there was a product that would minimize environmental conditions like wind, sun, humidity and temperatures? What if we didn't need to chase the slab? What would happen if we waited on the slab to cure from the bottom up?

ElementFive is the answer to all your concrete demands.

ElementFive Concrete Slab Systems enable the slab to retain more moisture over a longer period of time, producing a tighter, higher strength, more consolidated finish while eliminating dusting, pitting and excessive wear.

Traditionally we've tried to trick the mix into burning off the excess moisture with the goal of speeding up the curing process. Using blankets, plastic, water curing and post cure chemical applications we've also tried trapping the placement water by any means necessary. Eliminating moisture and, conversely, saturating the surface have been the only means of curing concrete slabs until now.

What are ideal applications for ElementFive?

Ideal applications include floors in retail showrooms, airports, museums, institutional facilities such as hospitals and government buildings. It is recommended for use in applications that require a highly refined surface with attainable FF numbers, maximum hardness, durability and gloss.

2 Component Topical Finishing System

E5Place is the only placement and flatwork method enabling concrete contractors to begin refining the slab surface during initial concrete placement. This system produces an easily workable, densely high-gloss surface. The process is applied directly onto the slab and worked in with a power trowel. E5Place penetrates the cap over 1 inch in depth, increases surface density and reduces permeability. 

E5Place holds 97% of the placement water within the slab, which ultimately eliminates volume loss cracking and curling. It acts as a finishing aid, holding water in for months on end. Exceedingly high and stable flatness (FF) numbers are a direct result from even hydration throughout the slab which also helps to control the finishing process while maintaining the internal slab moisture.

A non-film forming, low VOC, biodegradable concrete cure solution, E5Place is applied to new concrete during the placement and finishing process. It provides a superior initial cure for concrete floors and will result in an easily workable, densely consolidated, and highly refined surface.

Download E5 Place Tech Sheet Here

Quickly and effortlessly create a brilliantly polished concrete surface every time with E5 Finish. After applying E5 Place, simply spray on E5 Finish to begin refining the slab immediately. E5 Finish reduces drag by producing a micro grout, making troweling smooth and effortless—resulting in less user fatigue and lower cost of equipment maintenance.  The secret is in our exclusive use of Reactive Co-Polymerizing Solids (RCS), which is both biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The result is a consolidated, consistent and high gloss surface every time.

Are ElementFive Concrete Slab Systems ASTM C309/E96 compliant?


The products exceed the minimum ASTM C309 qualifications for curing agents. The use of other curing products in conjunction with the products is not needed. They are the first non-film forming curing systems to exceed performance ASTM E96 requirements for slab moisture retention.

How do the products meet these requirements?

These systems work by consolidating and closing the surface of the slab until it acts like a membrane. It is not uncommon for the slab to maintain a high relative humidity for a longer period of time than competitive products, thus producing a higher strength and maximum abrasion resistance.

Are these products safe?


ElementFive products are green, biodegradable construction products. Complete your slab knowing our products pose no risk to crew members or the environment. A benefit on jobs with LEED requirements. 


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