We believe material suppliers deserve better.


Risk is the problem and water is always the variable.

We place concrete on any given day.

Conditions can help us one day and kill us the next.

We spend hours and fortunes dealing with cracks we cannot control.

We cut too many joints at great expense.

We allow ad mixtures to negatively influence the end product.

We are ultimately responsible for the finished slab.


ElementFive products minimize our Partners risks.

Simplified Process

Reduce and eliminate ad mixtures from your mix designs which can complicate placement timing and sometimes even cause unnecessary failure of your mix. 

System Details

  • Provide an efficient, simplified mix design for the project's specific needs.
  • Select a licensed contractor to implement ElementFive.
  • Upon placement of the mix, apply the patented PH neutral product to increase workability, increase surface density and reduce permeability.
  • Once the surface has closed and troweling has concluded, apply the patented PH neutral finishing product to provide superior hardness and preserve the natural look of the concrete slab.

Simplified Plan

Specification Products partners with local Ready Mix companies to deliver the ElementFive system to licensed contractors and owner groups.

How You Benefit

  • Minimize the risk of product failure.
  • Work with established, licensed installers.
  • Benefit from selling through to your network of licensed contractors.
  • Take advantage of local specification work by being in the network.

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