Traditional concrete polishing consists of 8-10 passes from diamond grits of 100-1500. Each set of diamonds take a considerable amount of time off the construction schedule. What if we could minimize the passes to only 2 and reduce the diamond only 3 sets (400, 800 and 1500)? How much time and money could you save? We think a considerable amount. Don't take our word for it. Try E5 Cutting Compound to rip through the slab surface and expose salt and pepper or deep aggregate finishes with much more efficiency. And finish with E5 Densifier to protect the finish as well as give the surface that "pop" you're looking for.

The E5 polishing system follows a simple process no matter the hardness or condition of the concrete.

E5 Cutting Compound  is a chemical based refining agent that contains synthetic abrasives that is applied to concrete and masonry surfaces to aid in rapidly removing surface irregularities, scratches and stock. This eliminates the need for multiple grinding steps, while producing the flattest measured frequency.  As the cutting compound combines with E5 Diamond Tooling large volumes of slurry, or concrete paste, is created filling voids, cracks and exposing aggregate.  

E5 Cutting Compound is a green, biodegradable solution. The solution produces a slurry material that enables rapid stock removal of concrete. The resulting scratch pattern is virtually nonexistent allowing for rapid recovery to a polished state.  

Download E5 Cutting Compound Tech Sheet Here

E5 Densifier dust proofs and hardens concrete in a single application. Its low pH provides better hardening characteristics and an attractive, longer lasting alternative to conventional systems or products. E5 Densifier is a spray on, leave on material. Its fast acting formula allows for minimal down time.

E5 Densifier is designed with nano technology which allows the product to penetrate deep into the slab, creating harder concrete at the surface and making it more resistant to surface abrasion. Without the use of topical polish guards for gloss or clarity, the E5 polishing system is the most intelligent concrete refinement system for retail, commercial facilities and industrial spaces.

Download E5 Densifier Tech Sheet Here



This revolutionary concrete refinement system reduces labor costs by as much as 50-80% and produces brilliantly refined floors every time.